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You help others find their shine and now it’s your turn. You’re here because you’re ready to be seen, to show up and share your message with a much larger community while reaping the rewards in the process.

Maybe you tried to make videos before and it felt like an embarrassing time suck. You’re only trying again because others keep telling you that video is where the magic is. (Annoying, right?)

Well video IS where the magic is and it’s time to leverage the power in your palms. You need quick solutions taught by fun & informative video experts so you can be a little dangerous LIVE Streaming or YouTube-ing.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the tech or how to prep for the camera. We’ll teach you how to make videos using time saving tricks and intuitive insider tips for creating videos that connect with your audience.


Ready to conquer the camera? Own your awkward and LIVE stream your life to the fullest? You’ve found the place.

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