Adding video to your website makes you 53 times more likely to appear on the 1st page of google. 

 Sugarbowl videos are pretty simple to make and sweet to watch!

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Social Media Savvy

One 15-45 second video ad based on video, images & text you send me.

10 day turnaround.


Perfect for: when you have photos and need a template video to restyle and reuse to promote events, products or services on any social media platform.


You provide: 40 words or less of text, photos, video clips, your logo & branding.


I provide: a 15-45 sec video template complete with music and animated graphics that can be modified and reused.Template updates starting at $148


Cost range:


One 60-90 second video ad based on your text PLUS footage from one 2-hour video shoot.

30 day turnaround.


Perfect for: getting REAL footage of your event, speech, a client testimonial or product/service demonstration.


You provide: 100 words or less of text, photos, your logo & branding.


I provide: a 60-90 sec video complete with lights, camera, music and animated graphics.

Cost range: $998-$1,748

Website Classy

Star Treatment

A Video Campaign

(3+ videos at 30-60 seconds each) based on custom idea.

45-60 day turnaround.


Perfect for: posting custom content regularly and adding video to multiple pages on your website.


You provide: any ideas, your logo, branding & enthusiasm!


I provide: 3+ 15-60 sec videos complete with storyboarding, script, talent, custom design, fresh footage, music and animated graphics.

Cost range:


FREE Video Sweet Talk

Not sure what you need? Looking to learn more? I'll gladly take 30 minutes to talk with you about your ideas, give you some advice and get you excited to use video!

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