3 Reasons to Record your Next Presentation

Here's a secret...I love teaching!!! (It's only a secret because I just started sharing it.)

I'm doing another presentation this week and I will be video recording it for a number of reasons. I know video recording is a lot of work...it's awkward and time consuming so why bother?

If you want to use video but don't know where to start click here.

Here's the top 3 reasons:

3. It will show you what works and what doesn't.

This is more a note for new presenters like me. It took me 2 weeks to review my first presentation. I nailed it for the most part. But I also noticed that I say 'ummm' a lot and plaster myself against the wall sometimes. These are all things I've worked on throughout the year and am more conscious about avoiding when I present now.

If you're a seasoned speaker, you've already worked past this part.

2. Showcase your real life credibility.

I am a speaker. I give presentations to captivated audiences. Do you believe me or do you wanna see it first?

A lot of speakers come to me saying they needed a video to submit for speaking engagements. It's just a requirement now. (If you want me to edit yours, let's talk!) Event planners need to know your energy and message are the right fit for their market. Video is the only effective way to showcase that you know what you're talking about.

Bonus: Upload your presentation to your website to generate leads. Send it to anyone who couldn't make it that day.

1. It will give you content for days.

The best take away from filming my presentation was that I can repurpose it as social media and blog content forever.

While reviewing the footage, I started a running list of titles for all the blog posts I want to produce. The content is already written straight from my mouth. All I have to do is write it out and post it. I will also cut 60 second clips from the event for social media to further prove credibility.

Rewatching also reminded me of the questions my audience asked so I can work those into future content. I'm done making the presentation at this point, but I can always change it based on feedback.

I don't know about you but I am buzzing with inspiration now! What ideas do you have?

If you want to use video but don't know where to start click here.

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