5 Actionable Steps to Start Using Video

I am a textbook over-thinker. I want to know the best way to do something. I want to do the thing flawlessly from the start. Even writing this right now is setting off little alerts in my head about saying the “right” thing.

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The Magical Action Steps

We all know action is where the magic is. It’s so easy to procrastinate on the things we are new at, especially when we don’t know where to start.

Here’s the #1 question I get asked:

How do I start using video?

Like me, you want an actionable list. A first step. And bit of confidence knowing you aren’t wasting your time on the unimportant details. This is part of the pre-production process.

So here’s the steps:

1. Decide what ONE topic you want to cover

Decide on the first thing you want to record even if you have a huge list of videos that you needed created like yesterday. Start small!

2. Make a simple bullet list for your topic

Keep it simple. A 3 point list is enough. I know that you can speak all day about your expertise but people won't be able to retain all the information you provide and they wont watch all day while you present it. Stick to a short list. This will force your video to stay under 2 minutes.

3. Turn that list into a script

Unless you are speaking off the cuff, you will want a script for your video. This will allow help others execute your visions. It's also the first document you will want to review with a team to get feedback on the direction. For reference, a 60 second script is about 150 words.

4. Create a shot list or storyboard from that script

From here I like to make a shot list. This is an easy 2-column document that pairs my script on the one side with descriptions for my visuals on the other. It gives a feel for all that will be required to make that video a reality.

Depending on the project, I will make a storyboard. This is just a series of simple drawings that show what I want to record.

5. Create a list of tools & props you will need

This applies to videos that are a little more involved than your average talking head blog. Think about if you are making a how-to video. What are you demonstrating and what are all the "props" you will need to to utilize? What else other than your phone do you need to record??

What's Next?!!!!

You know you're using video this year! Why not take action with confidence?

Next step is to catch this full video with action step worksheets!

Catch the full replay of How to Start Using Video here!

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