Do You Hate Watching Yourself on Camera?

Authors note: Below is a low-res video download from a LIVE video I did for my Facebook page. I had to start somewhere with creating new video content so I used the LIVE format and my built in webcam as a way to force myself to be present without all the extra steps. Yes, I will up my quality over time but I think this first video is a great marker for my re-starting point. Do only what you can handle when you start and remove as many steps as possible so you can be helpful sooner! XO TLC

This blog post is all about camera confidence. It's a big challenge for myself and a lot of people I talk to. Do you cringe when you think about recording yourself? Or procrastinate on watching the playback?

Do you have a sinking gut feeling when you finally rewatch...knowing all those people saw you looking and sounding like THaT? I can help with that!

Story Time

That feeling comes from somewhere. Maybe you can remember a moment when you were put on the spot in school or embarrassed in some big public way.

Mine comes from middle school. Here's the scoop:

I had a crush on a boy in the 8th grade. And he didn't feel the same. So for the rest of the year in whatever classes we shared, he would ask me these awkward personal questions during class presentations to trip me up. It made me hate talking in front of my peers and fear public speaking!

But guess what?! HE DOESN'T MATTER! HE NEVER MATTERED! He wasn't my target audience in those presentations. My teacher was the one giving me the grade.

Who Really Matters?

From this vantage point I now realize that there will always be naysayers: trolls, 13 year old boys and the other people who just don't get it. That's okay. I'm not doing this for them. They can think what they want because they aren't putting the skin in the game.

So who's that naysayer in your life? Are they stopping you from owning your awesome?

Leave a comment or emoji with your feelings about the camera!

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