How-to Develop Content on the Fly for your YouTube Videos

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Developing content on the fly seems impossible. I talked to some of the women who did the last video challenge and I learned a lot!

Here's the first video challenge to get over your perfectionism and procrastination with video blogging.

And if you're just now tuning in...

Welcome, friend! I challenge you hit record on your camera (phone) and talk for a minute about anything.

This task isn't so much about creating a great video as it is getting used to recording yourself. You probably still don't feel comfortable doing it and thats ok. That initial action step will move you to create more. (I'm assuming...)

"The first version of everything sucks."

A wise women once told me: "The first version of everything sucks." So how about we give ourselves permission to play around and get messy, even imperfect with it.

"Give me a 1 word suggestion for something that terrifies you!"

I improvise a lot on camera. I've been taking comedy improv classes for over 2 years and I've gotten good at it.

In improv, we start with a prompt. Sometimes a word. Sometimes a relationship or other structured premise but there's always a starting point.

Here's Your Starting Point

1. Write down 3 questions you get asked all the time by leads or clients.

This is the content for your next

3 60-second videos.

Schedule time this week to:

1. Write out answers to all those questions in list format.

2. Get out your camera and record yourself giving those answers. Reference your list as needed.

***Bonus points if you can get someone else to hold the camera and ask you those questions to prompt you.

3. Download: How-to Self Start Your Video Blog for tips & tricks on how to look good on camera.

If you post any videos, please share them in the comments! I would love to check them out.

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