How to emotionally prep for video: 4 tips to make it easy

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

You may have heard the phrase…don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. Yes, I stole that from someone helping me work through my own perfection complex making this blog.

I need to level with you. I am interested in making videos that are honest and authentic.

Today I'm going to tell you where I'm at and what you’re gonna be facing if you want to start video blogging for the first time. I will then share the big (not so) secret to pushing through this period and will even offer you support.

What's the big deal about recording yourself?!

Download: How-to Self Start Your Video Blog

I felt very self conscious filming my first few video blogs and I wanted to take time to speak to those feelings. No one is immune to feeling self-conscious or vulnerable.

When you turn the camera on, you become hyper aware of yourself. What is my hair doing right now? How am I feeling? Is that the sound of my voice??! ...All that and more can be a part of your self conscious video making experience! Lucky you. Lucky us.

It's daunting if you’re some body (like me) who likes to do everything right from the start. You want it to be perfect instantly. That's not gonna happen. thats never gonna happen. Let's take our expectations and bring them down a bit.

A lot has gone into the production of this simple talking head video. And to be honest with you, it might be a little over kill.

So how do I get through it?!

I found the way to trick myself into making videos.

Take the number of steps to get from point A to point B, idea to execution…and lower the number of steps.

4. Cut out any extraneous tech, hardware or software that you can't learn in 30 minutes or less.

If you have no idea where to start then Download: How-to Self Start Your Video Blog

The free guide gives you tips on using what you have! That means pull out your phone and play with your camera for 30 minutes until you get the hang of using it.

3. Do nothing additionally special with your hair or makeup that you normally wouldn’t do.

Be you. Don't try to emulate the way someone else looks...or how your think you should look. You want to give people the impression that they could be sitting across from you.

2. F**k it. Just turn on your phone and start talking.

Yup. Take the plunge. Improvise! I have done that before. And yes, I look back on those results and I see room for improvement because you have to start somewhere.

I have to start somewhere.

So we can all start somewhere together.

1. Find some accountability!

I want to help you get started today. Post a link to one of your YouTube/Facebook/IG videos in the comments and I would be happy to send you a little feedback. Everyone needs a second opinion. Let me be yours!

Before you record, Download: How-to Self Start Your Video Blog

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