Where do I START with making video?!!!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

I get it. Everybody and their mom is telling you that you need to utilize video in your marketing strategy but you keep brushing it aside because it’s really uncomfortable and outside of your comfort zone. Also, you know you have to be putting it out there consistently and that’s a commitment you aren’t sure you’re ready to make. I get it because I’ve had to work through it myself.

I needed to shift my mindset and approach video as an experiment. It’s ok to suck at it and grow with it over time. You can practice until you get comfortable. You won’t feel better about utilizing a new tool until you put time into practicing it so that it becomes less terrifying and more ridiculous. This takes time as you reframe your mindset.

Get this free cheatsheet to get started. I share years of gathered into in one convenient doc. My gift to you.

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