The #1 Thing Contributing to my Success as a Business Owner

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

I'm taking a break from my usual video blog today to talk business instead.

Check out this lovely video I entered into the NAWBO No Small Things video contest.

We all have our hang ups. For the longest time, mine was asking for help. Maybe I thought it made me weak, or maybe I just didn't think anyone would be willing to...either way, I was stubborn.

When I decided to make video production my career, I thought I had to do everything myself. Sounds crazy in hindsight, but I was hired at my first job to do EVERYTHING video related (even quote the jobs) and that's the mentality I developed. It was exhausting and overwhelming.

Turns out it takes a village to produce a great project. Sure, I still pride myself on being a video jack-of-all-trades...but I would much rather collaborate with my other industry friends then try to tackle something that BIG alone. Even video blogging requires community feedback to make it worth the time and effort. (Thank you lovely supporters!)

It's all about the Community!

When I went into business for myself, I ran into the same problem. I thought I had to take it all on myself (even though I knew nothing about how to run a business).

Working for yourself can be really isolating and scary. We all need someone or several someones to fill in knowledge gaps, point us in the right direction or just offer a hand.

I've found several organizations to join in the Cleveland area that are nurturing and supportive for women business owners especially. NAWBO and the Women's Business Center of Cleveland are 2 organizations that have introduced me to other inspiring entrepreneurs. I can't express enough the difference this has made for me. I went from no business acumen, to thinking like an entrepreneur.

I know a lot of video people who are hermits with their tech. In order to grow your career (on your terms) I recommend you research the business resources in your area and start making yourself known. Your community is waiting for you!

How about you? Got any hang ups you want to bust through or secrets to success to share? Let's talk about it! Drop me a comment.

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