What makes my Video a Blog?

Yes, technically a video blog is a blog in video format OR a "vlog."

But there are a few nuances that turn that video you want to make into a legit, feel-good blog. Check out the newest Sweet & Simple Blog video or scroll down to read the word.

Why should I care? 3 Reasons to start using video

1. A video blog is casual and conversational.

It's the difference between having a cup of coffee with your audience and giving a keynote presentation. You are speaking to your audience in a more relatable and one-on-one way.

Simple tip: Name your camera. Or better yet, invite over a close friend and have a conversation while they hold your camera. More simple tips.

2. A video blog is super simple.

Make a simple video in your office. We don't have to see the clutter. ;-)

You'll notice with the video I posted for this blog that aside from some simple edits, graphics and text, it's stationary. There's not much going on but my lovely talking head.

Sharing ideas doesn't require a lot of pre-planning. You just need to know your audience and know what they are interested in learning about from you.

Simple tip: Find a place in your house with good natural light and record your video early in the day. Face the window with you camera on selfie mode set up between yourself and the window. More simple tips.

3. A video blog is low budget.

That's right. You can use your phone or whatever camera device you already have available. It's not meant to cost a lot. People will look past the low production value if you deliver them useful information or a few laughs. Sometimes I just listen to videos as if they were podcasts because I want the info and don't need the visual.

Simple tip: Get a table top tripod like this one to keep your camera stationary. More simple tips.

4. A video blog is released regularly.

Come up with a schedule to release your videos and stick to it. Consistency is key to developing a relationship with an audience that will wait in anticipation for your next post!

Simple tip: Once a week is a good rule of thumb. More simple tips.

5. A video blog is uploaded to the internet.

You'll typically upload it to YouTube and then embed it on your website where you house your blog posts. This may seem like a no brainer, but there have been many times where I made a video I didn't post for one reason or another. It was an opportunity I missed out on to connect and communicate with my audience.

If no one knows about you then they never get to know, like and trust you so post those videos! Even if you can't stand how your voice sounds.

If you want to dive deeper, download How-to Self Start your Video. Post a link to your video blog in the comments below! Let's share content.

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