Will they even like my video???

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Ever ask yourself “Will they like me?” when working on your video content?

Some celebrities can’t watch their own movies. Johnny Depp. Julianne Moore.

Even Reese Witherspoon admitted:

“I don’t know who feels good looking at themselves. Nobody, right? It’s torture. Why would you want to watch yourself being stupid and pretending to be somebody else?”

I don’t care if you love Reese…or if Legally Blonde wasn’t your cup of tea. Either way, you may have something in common with her statement.

A funny thing happens when we are being recorded. We engage in self-doubt. “Will they like me?” The more honest question is “Will I like me?”

Watching ourselves through a recording is awkward. How you sound. How you look - your neck, your hair, your make-up, your clothes! Oh mY!!! It’s all there. And everyone else sees exactly what we see. BUT they don’t see it how we see it.

Because we know we are going to watch ourselves, a lot of us get self conscious. We seize up. Freeze up. Forget how to breathe. Forget how we usually ACT in public. And so we try to act like a version of ourselves that most people will like. And that's nuts.

Reese gets paid a s*!t ton of money to pretend to be someone else. But the good news is that you don’t have to. You can be yourself. And the right people will like you for who you are.

I won’t lie. Getting relaxed on-camera takes time to get used to and there are a few tricks you can use. But you can be yourself. It can be done. AND IT CAN BE FUN!!!

Give yourself permission

I, for one, am gonna give myself permission to make mistakes when I record. Maybe I'll wear the wrong shirt, choose the wrong location, forget to lint roll, iron, WHATEVER. Who cares?! Don't make a video to critique yourself. Do it to PLAY, experiment and learn! You will learn how you carry yourself, what lights you up, and how you talk. And the viewers will learn about you.

Ready to jump start your video making?

You want to finish recording and editing that course...that event invite...that whatever video. But you’re a beginner. And there’s no time. Editing software makes no sense. PLUS you don’t like how you look or sound.

I am restarting my brand video making and I want you to join me.

It doesn't have to be scary or over complicated.

I know you're gonna love my screen presence because I'm authentic and REAL...I'm also a silly butt.

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